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We are mining, processing and supplying different kind of Boron Ore namely Ulexite, Hydroboracite and Colemanite. Our products are available in different concentrations and physical forms to meet the diverse requirements of the clients.

Natural ULEXITE is a natural Sodium and Calcium Borate in its mineral form While Colemanite is a natural Sodium Borate in mineral form Physically both minerals are available with us in different forms. They are available as mineral lumps, grounded and calcined. These minerals are the only practical source of insoluble Boron for glazes.

Why Our Boron Ore?
  • ULEXITE is sold to the Ceramic and Fibre industries with brand name of CERABOR. Cerabor is truly uncommon ceramic material in that it contains almost no Silica or Alumina, it is nothing but fluxing oxides. Cerabor is White to Gray colored Boron ore. It has Sp. Gravity 1.97,Hardness 1.99 Moh Scale and Bulk Density 1.95 gm/cc.
  • Colemanite is sold to the Ceramic and Fiber industries with the brand name of CALCIBOR. Calcibor does not contain Sodium and Alunina but it contains Silica. Colemanite is the preferred Calcium-bearing Borate used by the non-sodium Fiber glass industry. It has Sp. Gravity 2.4, Hardness 4-4.5 Moh Scale and Bulk Density 2.4 gm/cc.
  • Hydroboracite is a Boron Ore available in Northern Argentina. It is mined from Boron Rock called Hydroboracite. This product has an added advantage of a triple release over Ulexite if Fertilizer application is concern. In case of Ulexite, Sodium Borate is quick release and Calcium is slow release. Hydroboracite has the added advantage of triple release. Not only did it has the quick release of the Sodium Borate and the slow release of the Calcium Borate, but also a medium release of Magnasium Borate. Therefore, we have been able to apply the correct amount of product, and the only need one application for the whole crop rotation, without the threat of toxicity or leaching, especially near stream and waterways. Hydroboracite is also suitable for obtaining Boric Acid and Borax just like Ulexite and Colemanie.

Applications as well as Benefits of this ore in Ceramic industries are
  • It reduces fusion point
  • It reduces the consumption of fuel and enlarges the usefulness of the oven of fusion at very law price in comparison to Borax or Boric Acid.
  • Where as Calcined Boron ore have one more benefit over natural Boron ore is, it has minor dragging of contaminant gases combustion because it has less crystalline water associated with atom.
  • As a good feedstock the Boron Ore is also suitable to make other products related to Borates family like Boric Acid, Borax, derivatives of Borates and micronutrient fertilizes.

Types Of Boron Ore
  • Ulexite
  • Colemanite
  • Calcined Ulexite

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