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We source and supply different Chemical Fertilizers under brand name of FERBOR. On every continent of the world, crop yields and food quality are diminished due to insufficient Boron concentrations in soil. These deficiencies can be corrected with Borate fertilizers. In areas of acute deficiency, Borates can increase crop yields by 30 to 40%. Known as an essential micronutrient for fertilization of plants, these Chemical Fertilizers help in their growth and development that further ensure excellent seeding and fruiting. We have divided our FERBOR product as per requirement of the plant. FERBOR is available for direct to soil and foliar application.

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Chemical Fertilizer (Ferbor G10)
Chemical Fertilizer (Ferbor G10)

Universal Ferbor G10 is an extract form of Boron rich Ulexite having Boron content min. 10%. It is found universally ideal Boron Rich compound as Agro fertilizer and used with other Mix Fertilizer as its Granular Size, Bulk Density and Surface Area are closely matching other fertilizers.

Chenical Fertlizer(Ferbor Smart) DOT

Available with us is Ferbor Smart Chenical Fertlizer(Ferbor Smart) DOT that is formulated as per the set standards of the industry. These Chemical Fertilizers are much used in farms for the better yield and fruitful cultivation. The clients can avail the Chemical Fertilizer from us in proper packaging of varied quantity.