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We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying Organic Pigments that includes Pthalocyanine Pigments, Azo Red, Yellow, Orange High Performance pigments like DPP and Quinacridone. The Organic Pigments are formulated as per the set standards using well-tested chemicals and other materials. The clients can avail the Organic Pigments from us in varied quantity at reasonable price.

Specifications of Pigments for Printing Inks

Fast Yellow G-P.Y 1 Toluidline Red - P.R3 Fast Pink Toner - P.R81 Phthalocyanine Blue BGNCFS - P.B 15:4
Fast Yellow 10G - P.Y3 Vermilion R-P.R4 Fast Pink Lake G-P.R81 Phthalocyanine Green G-P.G 7
Benz. Yellow G-P.Y12 Permanent Red F4R-P.R8 Permanent Red FGR-P.R112 Fast Blue Lake P.B 17
Benz. Yellow G-2-P.Y12 Fast Red 2R- P.R 21 Quindo Red-P.R122 Malachite Blue Lake -P.B 17
Transparent Benz. Yellow G-PY 12 Fast Red N-P.R 22 Cromophtal red BR-P.R144 Fast Emerald Lake-P.G 4
Permanent Yellow GR-PY13 Fast Scarlet BBN-P.R 48:1 Permanent Red FBB-P.R146 Fast Rose Toner-P.V 1
Permanent Yellow 2GS-P.Y14 Fast Brilliant Red BBC-P.R 48:2 Cromophtal scarlet R-P.R166 Fast Pink Lake B-P.V1
Permanent Yellow 2GS-2-P.Y14 Fast Brilliant Red BBC-2-P.R 48:2 Permanent Red F3RK-P.R170 Fast Violet Toner R-P.V3
Permanent Yellow 2 GS-P-PY14 Fast Brilliant Red BBC-P-P.R 48:2 Permanent Red F5RK-P.R170 Fast Violet Lake -P.V3
Permanent Yellow G-G.Y14 Fast Brilliant Red BBC-W-P.R 48:2 Permanent Red HF3C-P.R 176 Permanent Violet RL-PV23
Permanent Yellow GG-P.Y17 Fast Red BBS-P.R48:3 Fast Carmine HF4C-P.R185 Predisperse Brown 5R-P.BR23
Permanent Yellow RN-P.Y65 Fast Red BBM-PR48:4 Permanent Red P-F-7RK-P.R266 Predisperse Brown HFR-P.BR25
Fast Yellow 5GX-P.Y74 Lithol Red R-P.R 49:1 Permanent Scarlet OA-P.R268 -
Permanent Yellow H-P.Y 83 Lithol Dark Red -P.R 49:2 Fast Blue Kake BO-P.B1 -
Permanent Yellow H4G-P.Y151 Bronze Red C-P.R 53:1 Fast Blue Toner R-P.B1 -
Permanent Yellow H3G-PY-154 Bronze Red C-W-P.R 53:1 Phthalocyanine Blue B-P.B15 -
Permanent Yellow GRY 80 -P.Y174 Lithol Rubine BK-P.R 57:1 Phthalocyanine Blue FBGS-P.B15 -
Benzimidazolone Yellow HG P.Y180 Rubine 4B-P.R 57:1 Phthalocyanine Blue BS- P.B 15:1 -
Benzimidazolone Yellow H3R P.Y181 Carmine 6B-P.R 57:1 Phthalocyanine Blue BRNCF-P.B 15:2 -
Permanent Orange G-P.013 Lithol Rubine A6B-P.R 57:1 Phthalocyanine Blue BGS-P.B 15:3 -
Permanent Orange RL-P.034 Rubber Scarlet LG-P.R 58:1 Phthalocyanine Blue BGS-2-P.B 15:3 -
Benzimidazolone Orange HSL-P036 Lithol Bordeaux 2R-P.R 63:1 Phthalocyanine Blue BGS-3-P.B 15:3 -

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